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Farex Rice Stage1 Refill 300Gm

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Farex Rice Stage1 Refill 300Gm

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FAREX milk cereal based complementary food (RICE) Stage 1 with Proteins, 12 Vitamins & 11 Minerals Milk Cereal Based Complementary Food * After 6 months up to 24 months smooth & gentle food -Light & easy-to-digest, solid food that suits the baby's delicate stomach.

The best suitable first food for feeding your baby with Farex Rice, for those who steps in the very first stage. The ideal food to give a good start to your little ones with cereal based complementary Farex Rice Stage. It is indeed a good source of iron which is essential for your baby's normal growth and development. Farex is the trusted name synonymous with baby's first foods. Farex baby cereal was first produced in 1934 by the NZ company 'Glaxo' which has a long heritage and experience with feeding babies. Since then Farex baby cereal has been one of the most popular and trusted first food for babies in both Australia and New Zealand. Today, Farex offers not only baby's first cereals, but also good nutritious cereals for older babies to help them get off to a great start every day.Farex cereals are enriched with iron, which is important for your babies normal growth and development

Important Notice : Mothers Milk is best for your baby.

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